March is National Nutrition Month, and we look forward to sharing details all month long on just what is on the chimps’ menu! Our residents enjoy three meals each day of fresh produce, plus enrichment items, and a nutritionally complete biscuit known as chow. For optimum health, the majority of their diet is made up of fresh leafy greens and vegetables. In honor of Nutrition Month, we’ve set a goal of raising $51,000. That will provide Tanya’s family with nutritious food for a full year! You can sponsor our residents’ favorite items directly through our wishlist store.

Meet Tanya’s Family

Tanya’s Island is home to thirteen chimpanzees. Eight were rescued from medical research, three are former pets, and two were accidental births born here at Save the Chimps. With a range of ages from 17 (Gabe) to 53 (Debbie) and a mix of personalities, there is never a dull moment! One thing they all have in common is their love of mealtime. Food grunts and pant-hoots erupt when staff arrives with meals!


You can donate toward nutritious foods our residents need to thrive or click on Tanya’s Family’s photos below if you’d like to sponsor specific foods our residents love!