Sanctuary. It is a gift that you have given to these wonderful chimps. You’ve given them peace. You’ve given them family. You’ve given them time to heal.

So much of our world is upside down right now. But not in the lives of our resident chimpanzees. They may see our care staff wearing more protective gear, but that’s the only change they’ve seen — thanks to you.

As we find a new way to live in this world, a little more protected, a little more cautious, we hope that the joy and freedom that our chimps experience every day at the sanctuary can bring you some peace.

Please enjoy this audioscape of the sanctuary. Close your eyes and see the chimps as they play and rest and heal, and feel it as we wish the same for you.

If you haven’t yet given as part of our Board Match Challenge, please consider giving now. Your gift can make twice the difference.

Help us continue to protect our resident chimpanzees by giving today. Only gifts and pledges made by May 15th will be matched, you can make a real difference in the lives of our residents, won’t you please give now?