It’s not easy to monitor nearly 250 chimps living on 12 separate three-acre islands, plus a special care facility, with only our own two feet and our own two eyes.

But just imagine if we could check in on the chimps in real-time using a live video broadcast. We could see quickly if a climbing structure needs repair, respond to storm damage, observe chimp behaviors, and see in real-time if a chimp is in distress and needs medical attention.

And imagine if you could join in, too, and observe the chimps through live video feed!

Well, with your help, that dream could soon be coming true. We have received $20,000 in funding from generous donors to pay for half the cost, and now we need your help to match that for a total of $40,000 to install the camera system throughout the Sanctuary.

With your help we could be sharing the new video broadcast with you later this spring! But to make it happen we need your help now.

Please make your gift now and help bring live video to the Sanctuary!

Once we have the cameras installed, we will periodically “broadcast” island activities such as our chimpanzee parties, and share everyday activities…roaming, foraging, grooming, playing and chasing.

You’re going to love seeing the chimpanzees up close and personal like you’ve never seen before. And we’re going to love having “eyes and ears” on our chimps like never before – allowing us to deliver the very best care to the chimps.

Please donate today and help raise the $40,000 needed to launch this exciting new project! Can we count on you?

Please give as generously as you can. Thank you!