In addition to our residents living in an enriched environment (3-acre islands complete with climbing structures, natural vegetation, hammocks, and hanging toys), they receive a variety of enrichment activities each day. Enrichment is anything that promotes physical activity or mental stimulation. Here are just a few examples of enrichment items our residents receive.


Shake, shake, shake to get the seeds out! Slits are cut into tennis balls and the ball is stuffed with sunflower seeds. Our residents find the tennis balls and then squeeze and shake them to slowly get the seeds out. Tammy enjoys her tennis ball enrichment on the patio of the island.


Who doesn’t love playing with bubbles!? These tubs can be used for multiple purposes such as filled with hay and dried fruit for the chimps to sift through. When empty the chimps also enjoy just sitting in them! In this case it was filled with a non-toxic bubble solution and Marlon decided it was the perfect opportunity to give his toy a bath.

Our mission is to offer our chimps better, more fulfilling lives by providing refuge and exemplary care. You can help a chimp live their best life by supporting Save the Chimps with a one-time or monthly donation.

On behalf of the more than 220 chimpanzees in our care, thank you for your compassion and generosity.