dorothy-group-patioOn March 21, Dorothy, Mandy, Yvette, Cartier, Jack, Doc, Kendra, Hunter, Logan, and Alora made the journey of a lifetime—a cross-country trip to an island paradise in Florida. They were definitely ready to hit the road—Dorothy, Mandy, Yvette, Jack, Kendra, Hunter, and Alora all willingly jumped into their transport cages, eager to find out what we had in store for them. (Logan and Doc were a little more suspicious of our motives, and were briefly sedated by STC veterinarian Dr. Linda Gregard so that we could move them into their transport cages.) Once all ten chimps were secure in the Great Chimpanzee Migration trailer, STC staff Duane Harris, Nate LoPresto, Erica Astarita, and Bernadette Altamirano hit the road for the 36-hour cross-country journey. The chimps enjoyed their travels, taking in all the sights and sounds of the open road, and enjoying the fresh fruit and snacks that were packed for their trip. After all, no road trip is complete without snacks!


Arriving in Florida early March 23, the chimps were released into their new indoor housing, and spent the day resting and recovering from their long trip. Cartier had clearly stayed awake the entire trip, not wanting to miss a moment, because she slept soundly all day following her arrival, barely opening her eyes for lunch and dinner. Mandy spent time figuring out how to maneuver from bench to bench and through doors that weren’t necessarily designed for her short little legs. Jack gazed out the windows, perhaps marveling at the green grass and palm trees that he had not seen since he was a circus chimp in Florida before being sent to The Coulston Foundation more than twenty years ago.This migration was sponsored by the generosity of an anonymous donor. Soon these ten chimps will be joined by the remaining members of their family, known as Seve’s Group

Then there will just be 43 chimps left to move to Florida…stay tuned!

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Jack exploring his new world

Thank you for being a part of this magic. The chimps wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for YOU!