Save the Chimps’ (STC) most recent migration was recently featured on National Geographic’s Explorer series

David on his island

“Chimps on the Edge”.  In it, millions of viewers were introduced to many of our chimps – one in particular – our beloved David as he made his cross-country journey to his permanent home in Fort Pierce, Florida.

David is an African-born chimp who sadly spent the majority of his life as a research subject.  David was rescued by Save the Chimps in 2002 when STC took over the Coulston Foundation – a biomedical research laboratory with the worst record of animal care in the history of the Animal Welfare Act – and rescued 266 chimpanzees at one time.

Luckily today, David is part of a family group, lives on his island home in sunny Florida and will never know life behind a cage again.

Many of you have asked how he’s adjusted to his new life.
This is what his caregivers had to say ~

David is a sweet guy who enjoys spending his days out on his platform. He enjoys the company of his new

David in his building (Ron peeking in from behind).  

friend Ron. When he gets too hot under the Florida sun David will go into his building or sit on the patio and spend some time with Pele’ – his other friend.

On occasion, you can find him and baby Melody goofing around and grooming each other. David likes almost every type of food given to him and has yet to turn anything down.  He especially loves his Gatorade!

Please consider sponsoring David’s meals for a week, a month, or even a year or visit and order some of his favorite drink.