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Rescued From

Small Zoo

About Me

I came to Save the Chimps in 2016 from a private owner. I had a bit of a rocky start in life, first as a TV movie star where a trainer had all my teeth removed. I was then sold to a breeder who put me in a cage with an older aggressive female who bit me repeatedly. Then I went to a farm where I was safe but lived without the companionship of another chimp.

When I came to Save the Chimps, I quickly made an impression on our staff and chimps alike with my non-stop desire to play! I quickly made friends in the Special Needs Building, in a small family group of Walden, Garrey, Millie, and Geraldine. Always a bright spot in everyone’s day, I am known for demanding the attention of anyone and everyone within my field of view for a play session. I even convinced Millie, a sweet but quiet and shy female in my group, to have gentle play sessions with me.


  • Late

Favorite Things

  • My chimpanzee friends
  • My Caregivers
  • Enrichment
  • Painting
  • Parties
  • Food


  • Silly
  • Playful
  • Friendly

My Videos

Tootie playing with his friend, Garrey