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Tami was a feisty little old lady who Save the Chimps rescued from the Coulston Foundation, a now-defunct biomedical research laboratory in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Tami was born in Africa in the 1960s and was already elderly when she was rescued in 2002. While in the lab, Tami developed deep vein thrombosis in her left leg and had to have it amputated at the knee to save her life. Due to Tami’s age, she was one of the first chimpanzees to move to Save the Chimps’ Florida sanctuary, and we were all surprised when she eagerly jumped right into the transport cage. Her best friends, Henrietta and Tarzan the 1st, also went right into their transport cages and the three traveled together to Florida. They all loved looking out the windows – it must have been quite an experience to watch the world go by after living in confinement at the Coulston Foundation for over 35 years. Once she arrived at the Florida sanctuary, Tami got to meet younger chimpanzees and soon became their protector. She loved the sunshine, the island, the enrichment, and the food. Having only one leg never slowed Tami down; she relished her retirement and friendships to the fullest. Tami passed away from a long-term heart problem with her best friend, Henrietta, by her side.


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  • A Plush Lamb


  • Feisty
  • Protective
  • Determined