Hello, my name is





Rescued From

Pet Trade

About Me

My birth date and place of birth are unknown, but it is estimated that I was born in 1977. My early years are a mystery, but I spent some time at a roadside zoo before being acquired by a couple looking for a companion for their pet chimpanzee. When the couple realized that chimpanzees did not belong in a human household, they asked Save the Chimps to provide me with a safe and secure future.

Today I am a member of Tanya’s Family, and I enjoy life on a large island filled with trees, grass, hills, and climbing structures. I love to eat, and have charmed all of my caregivers with my big smile and fun-loving demeanor. I am usually busy exploring my island and hanging out with my chimpanzee friends.


  • Tanya

Favorite Things

  • Eating
  • Exploring
  • Painting


  • Adventurous
  • Brave
  • Friendly