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About Me

I was born May 11, 1996, in The Coulston Foundation, and was immediately removed from my mother, Little Rock, and sent to the nursery to be raised by humans. It was noted in my records that I rarely vocalized and that one of my eyes was deviated. Even so, I did enjoy having my back scratched and playing with my toys. As an infant, I was sedated for monthly blood draws. At approximately one-year-old, I was placed in a small group of chimps, my behavioral profile stated that I seemed to enjoy the company, but would become“aggressive” if my blanket was taken away.

I was rescued by Save the Chimps in 2002. I am quite smart and am often the first in the group to try new things and “figure things out.” I am a confident, high-ranking female that can hold my own with the rowdy boys. I am actually best friends with one of the boys in my family, Noah, we play non stop sometimes even playing while eating our meals. I am an excellent communicator and am able to effectively express my needs to my caregivers. I am loved by all who know me.


  • Tapioca

Favorite Things

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Family


  • Sweet
  • Playful
  • Smart