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Rescued From


About Me

I was born September 7, 1995, to parents, Penny and Jeb. I spent my early years at the Coulston Foundation, a biomedical research facility, and was also “loaned out” to the CDC in Atlanta, GA. Just after my sixth birthday, I was rescued by Save the Chimps.

I am a fiercely loyal friend with a rarely seen silly side. I have a close bond with Dwight, and we often are seen reassuring each other. I love to keep clean by washing my hands, feet, and face with the water lixits (the devices that bring us fresh drinking water). I also learned to keep chimps out of my personal bubble by spraying others with water from the lixits. Despite my mischievous side, I enjoy spending time with my close-knit family and can be found roaming the island or lounging on the patio most of the day.


  • Late

Favorite Things

  • Daveeta
  • Roaming
  • Dried Fruit


  • Strong-willed
  • Respected
  • Mischievous