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About Me

I was born at the Coulston Foundation on January 19, 1996 to my mother Tinker and father Alvin. Tinker was a great mother, and unlike most chimp mothers and their babies, I was allowed to stay with her until I was 15 months old. There is not much information about my past other than being out “on loan” to other laboratories. In January 2004, just days after my eighth birthday, Save the Chimps saved the chimpanzees from the bankrupt Coulston Foundation. I was brought back to New Mexico where I was carefully socialized into a large chimpanzee family. 

When I first arrived at Save the Chimps, I chose to stay inside rather than explore my spacious island. When I started to venture outside I would stay close to the building, often clinging to the base of the structure. 

The Save the Chimps team never gave up on me, and would think up all sorts of interesting enrichment ideas to lure me out onto the island. Today, I know there is nothing to fear out there in the grass, and with my new found confidence my caretakers see me sunning and grooming WAY out on the back platforms. I am a happy, gentle, and mellow guy enjoying sanctuary life to its fullest. 


  • Tapioca

Favorite Things

  • Enrichment Activities
  • Exploring My Island
  • Mirrors


  • Sweetheart
  • Silly
  • Charming