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I was purchased from Primate Imports in May 1976 by the Coulston Foundation, a biomedical research lab. My birthday is recorded as March 3, 1975, but no parents are listed. Almost immediately upon arrival at the Coulston Foundation, I was placed on a hepatitis study requiring weekly blood draws and frequent liver biopsies. Possibly as a way to alleviate stress, I was known to twirl in circles. At a young age, I was entered into the breeding program and for the next fifteen years my life became a revolving door of different males and giving birth to eleven babies, none of which stayed with me for more than a few hours.

After being rescued from this by Save the Chimps, I keep a positive attitude and am always willing to share a smile with those around me. For chimpanzees retired from biomedical research and breeding programs, sanctuary life provides choices we have never had before. And that’s what sanctuary life is all about. Being able to live in a safe, loving environment to allow us to develop into whoever it is we want to be.

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  • Opal
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  • Fruits and Nuts


  • Sweet
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