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About Me

I was born in The Coulston Foundation on July 9th, 1984. I am a handsome, robust chimp with two adorable, distinctive pink dots on either side of my nose, and am an absolute sweetheart to boot. I am extremely friendly to my caregivers and am often seen with a smile on my face. In fact, I am so mild-mannered, when I was introduced to other chimps, I was never worried that my introduction would go badly. I would sit quietly whenever I met someone, and never displayed, made a scene, or fought with any of the chimps I met. Tony is my absolute best friend, and we can usually be found at each other’s side. I took a long time to venture outdoors when I arrived in Florida, uncertain about the new sights, sounds, and open space. But over time, I have ventured out more and more, and it’s always a pleasure to be out with my buddies in the Florida sunshine!


  • Alice

Favorite Things

  • Tony
  • Grooming
  • Care Staff


  • Kind
  • Sensitive
  • Joyful