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Rescued From

Born in Sanctuary

About Me

Hello! My name is Maya and I was born on March 15, 2007 to my mother Olida, and my father Rufus. A fun fact about me is that I have 21 siblings here at Save the Chimps, this is because my parents were both used in laboratory breeding programs. I am the daughter of a very powerful and respected mother, which is probably why I have no fear. I live with my mom and two sisters, Megan and Marissa, on Rufus’ island. I am always running off exploring, with mom trying to keep up. I am also impatient and can be rather demanding, but I’m learning to play by the rules. I am so sassy, spunky, goofy and playful. I am constantly making other chimps and my human caregivers laugh with all of my crazy antics. Although I’m still young, I have a great support system to help me learn along the way. I love spending time with my mom because she often lets me have her leftovers from meals.


  • Rufus

Favorite Things

  • Food
  • Blankets
  • Stuffed Animals


  • Happy
  • Silly
  • Rambunctious