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About Me

I was born on September 19, 1991, at the Coulston Foundation, a now-defunct laboratory with the most Animal Welfare Act violations in history. I was born to my parents Annie and Tarzan, but I was sent to the nursery upon birth to be raised by humans. Fortunately, I was never placed in a research study, but my records indicate that I was sedated for physicals two to four times a year for the first eight years of my life. When I was six years old, I was diagnosed with and treated for shigella, a gastrointestinal infection that can cause dysentery. Luckily, I responded well to treatment.

In 2002, Save the Chimps rescued me along with 265 other chimpanzees from the Coulston Foundation. I have blossomed since my life in sanctuary began. I am especially close with my best friends Grace and Sophie, as well as the youngster Melody. I am very observant; I often watch my own reflection in the mirror and keep a close eye on her caregivers. I can be described as a “chimp’s chimp” because I prefer interacting with chimpanzees rather than caregivers. I am somewhat reserved but can be assertive when I feel it is necessary. I am a loyal friend and will always stick up for my loved ones. Though petite and often quiet, I have a sassy streak that keeps everyone on their toes!


  • Ron

Favorite Things

  • Melody, Grace, & Sophie
  • Dried Fruit
  • Oranges


  • Reserved
  • Assertive
  • Protective