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Rescued From

Born in Sanctuary

About Me

I was born June 24, 2007 to parents Lauryl and Rufus. Save the Chimps does not breed, but a few babies, including me, have been born at the Sanctuary due to failed vasectomies. Lauryl was a very protective mother, holding me close to her even when I wanted to wiggle away and explore the world around me. She had not been allowed to raise her first baby, a daughter that she had in the laboratory, and seemed to want to make up for this loss with me. I was an exceptionally sweet baby, and could charm both my chimp family and my caregivers with my big eyes and adorable smile. As a toddler I would often be found at the side of Shane, a dearly loved member of the family. I enjoyed Shane’s company and looked up to him. Sometimes I would even mimic Shane’s habit of sticking his toes through the mesh to be tickled by caregivers. As I grew a little older I sought out a more rambunctious male to follow and became Gerro’s protégé. Gerro taught me how to display and become a “big boy.” I craved Gerro’s approval and could become quite distraught if Gerro found it necessary to reprimand me in any way. But we always make up and can be seen strutting across the island together, enjoying a life free from pain and suffering.

In between raising a ruckus like most young boys do, I still have precious moments where I can sweet talk my caregivers into giving me extra food by making a kissing noise with an adorable look in my eyes that is impossible to resist. Gerro was the alpha of the group, but didn’t seem to crave that power so I am taking over that role for him. Having been born into Sanctuary, I have only known love and safety and you can see this in my confident approach to life. Whether it’s running full speed across the island, or rough housing with the boys, my life is filled with joy and happiness.


  • Rufus

Favorite Things

  • Plums
  • My best friend Spudnut
  • Being the center of attention


  • Ambitious
  • Energetic
  • Confident