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Rescued From


About Me

I was born on December 11, 1998 to Vanna and Marty. Marty is fondly remembered because he was one of the original chimps rescued when Dr. Noon sued the Air Force and Save the Chimps was launched. I was sent to a different lab after I was born to be used in research, and my records have no other information.

I am sassy, funny, smart and always the first to check out a new enrichment device. I’m confident but kind and like all the chimps and caregivers. I spend my days exploring my island and foraging for healthy treats or playing with my best friends. When meals arrive you can bet I’m one of the first chimps to come in and see what is being served!

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  • Seve

Favorite Things

  • Playing Chase
  • Food
  • Exploring my island


  • Sassy
  • Silly
  • Playful
  • Sweet