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About Me

I was born September 13, 1988 to parents Mandy and Rufus at the Coulston Foundation, a biomedical research laboratory in New Mexico. In 2002, I was among the 266 chimpanzees rescued by Save the Chimps. I am a very sweet lady with a stubborn side. I am lower in ranking within my family, but I like to be involved with family drama. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot more time out on the island with my girlfriends Lilly, Kay, Lupe, and Cookie. I absolutely love chow (a nutrient-rich biscuit specifically formulated for primates) and will go around the building politely pointing out any pieces that may have dropped just out of reach of my caregivers. I am also well known for my large, elaborate nests made from hay, blankets, paper, and other substrates my caregivers have provided. I even have a goofy side and will alarm call (a vocalization usually pertained to danger) at my oranges if I feel my caregivers failed to properly peel them for me.


  • Kiley

Favorite Things

  • Chow
  • Blankets
  • Nests


  • Stubborn
  • Sweet
  • Dramatic