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It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of Kallie, a mild-mannered chimpanzee who arrived at Save the Chimps almost 15 years ago after being rescued from a laboratory in Texas. Kallie sadly succumbed to a respiratory condition. Importantly, COVID-19 has been ruled out through testing.


Kallie was the daughter of the late Frieda and Shakey. She was taken from Frieda at a very young age and lived her early life in a laboratory nursery before being sent to labs in Maryland and Texas.


A month after her 10th birthday, in December 2006, Kallie made her journey to Save the Chimps and was integrated into Freddy’s family. Kallie really bonded with Butch and the two became inseparable as their friendship grew over the years.


When Kallie wasn’t hanging out with Butch, she often was engaged in her favorite activity around the sanctuary: painting. Kallie loved nothing more than having that brush in her hand — well, except for when she had food in her hand because she loved to eat as well. Despite her many exuberant artworks, Kallie was very laid back and lived a peaceful life. Her gentle and mellow presence will be deeply missed around the sanctuary.


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Favorite Things

  • Butch
  • Eating
  • Painting


  • Relaxed
  • Peaceful
  • Laidback