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Rescued From

Born in Sanctuary

About Me

I was a “whoopsie-baby” born at Save the Chimps on March 17, 2003. My mother is Jennifer, one of the Air Force chimps. My father, Garfield, also an Air Force chimp, had received a vasectomy, but much to everyone’s surprise, it didn’t take! When I was born, Jennifer was very loving to me, but because her other children had been taken from her when she was a “breeder,” she didn’t know how to hold me properly, so it was difficult for me to nurse. Save the Chimps’ staff helped Jennifer raise me by feeding me for short periods of time, and then returning me to my mother. Thanks to this cooperative relationship, I thrived, and today I am a strapping, robust chimpanzee, the spitting image of my father.  Today I live with Lou’s family. I love to spray water on myself from the automatic water fountains provided to us for drinking water. I also enjoy teasing the girls so that they chase me all over “the playground” (my island home), and when I’m worn out, I love lounging in a hammock.


  • Doug

Favorite Things

  • Plastic Kiddie Pools
  • Water Misters
  • Toy trucks large enough to sit on


  • Stoic
  • Tough
  • Thoughtful
  • Energetic

My Videos

Jude & JB having some Florida fun!