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Rescued From


About Me

I was born in a research laboratory called the Coulston Foundation on November 11th, 1991. When Save the Chimps rescued me from the Coulston Foundation, I was a kid who acted tough but was really a scared little boy at heart. How things have changed! I’m not really afraid of anything anymore, and I’ve become one of the most dominant chimps in my group, which is called Alice’s family. I’m definitely a rowdy guy who likes to display, running as everyone scrambles to get out of my way! I also have a sweet and gentle side to myself, one that I show mostly to my caregivers. Once I’m done displaying, I often go to the front of the cage ready to have my belly scratched. I have a lot of energy to burn, and I have no trouble doing that on my island in Florida. With over three acres of wide-open space, not to mention hills, platforms, and trees to climb, I am able to run to my heart’s content.


  • Alice

Favorite Things

  • Potatoes
  • Elway
  • Dried Fruit


  • Loyal
  • Protective
  • Happy