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About Me

I spent my early years in the entertainment industry before residing at the Wildlife Waystation, an animal refuge in southern California. In 2019, the Wildlife Waystation closed its doors, leaving nearly 480 animals, including 42 chimps, in need of new homes. Chimpanzees In Need, led by NAPSA, worked tirelessly to fundraise and arrange homes for all 42 chimpanzees. I was among the final seven to find placement. Together, my family and I were transported by FedEx Cares, to our new home across the country at Save the Chimps in Fort Pierce, FL.

Upon arrival at Save the Chimps, my best friend Cayleb and I didn’t hesitate to explore our expansive play yard. I enjoy resting in the sunshine on the upper level of the play yard but will be the first to climb down if a staff member comes to visit. My friendly demeanor and desire to play have endeared me to all who have met me.

After a quarantine period that all chimpanzees who arrive at Save the Chimps go through, Cayleb and I will have the opportunity to meet new chimps and join one of the large family groups here at the sanctuary. They live on 3-acre islands where I’ll have the freedom to choose where to spend my time, who to spend it with, and I’ll have plenty of places to nap in the sunshine.


  • Special Needs

Favorite Things

  • Grooming
  • Being tickled
  • Physical play


  • Alpha
  • Strong attachments
  • Playful

My Videos

Jacob and Tonka Playing Chase