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About Me

I was born in 1992 at a breeding and training facility of an animal trainer who provided chimps and other animals to films, TV shows, and commercials.  Little is known of my life there, but like all chimps used in entertainment, I was separated from my mother at birth and taught to perform unnatural behaviors, possibly through cruel means. Once I was too old and too strong to be safely used as an “actor”, I was sent to a small zoo.  When the zoo closed, I became the zoo owners’ pet, but due to my size and strength, I could not live in their home.  In 2007, at the request of my owners, Save the Chimps brought me to their sanctuary in Alamogordo, NM, where I was introduced to other chimps. I joined a large chimpanzee family and together, we made the journey to our new permanent home in sunny Florida. A 3-acre island awaited our arrival, giving us the space and freedom to choose how we would like to spend our days.

I am an extremely energetic, outgoing, and clever chimp. I enjoy painting, but have a unique style: rather than using a brush, I paint with my tongue-the results are beautiful and unique works of art.


  • Freddy

Favorite Things

  • Corn
  • Boots
  • My caregivers


  • Charismatic
  • Happy
  • Respected