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I was rescued from a biomedical research laboratory and sent to the Wildlife Waystation, a now-closed refuge in California. In 2004 I surprised everyone at the Waystation when I gave birth to my daughter, Magic as a result of a failed vasectomy in Jeff. Although I did not have the opportunity to be raised by my own mother, I’m a loving a devoted mom to Magic. In 2019, the Wildlife Waystation closed causing nearly 480 animals to need to be re-homed, including 42 chimpanzees. I was among the final seven to be re-homed and my family and I made the cross-country trip to Florida in a FedEx airplane to Orlando, FL. Then Pero Family Farms generously drove us to the sanctuary in a climate-controlled truck.


When the door opened to my new home, I immediately started making a nest in the hay, a sign that I was comfortable with my new surroundings. My family and I started swinging across the expansive play yard as we explored our new home. We enjoy sitting in the upper levels of the yard together, grooming in the sunshine. I am now fully integrated into Late’s family. I have a large family group of friends to spend my days with and the space and freedom to choose where to spend my time.


  • Late

Favorite Things

  • My daughter, Magic
  • Jeff's attention


  • Maternal