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About Me

I am a very serious and regal chimpanzee who is high ranking in my group, Tanya’s Family. I was born on October 2, 1997 to my mother Gabby and father Jeb at the Coulston Foundation, a now-defunct laboratory with extensive Animal Welfare Act violations. Gabby was an excellent mother, but when I was barely two years old I was sent on loan to a separate laboratory for medical testing. When Save the Chimps rescued the chimpanzees living in the Coulston Foundation in 2002, it was discovered that a number of chimpanzees owned by the Coulston Foundation were out on loan to other labs. Save the Chimps’ late co-founder, Dr. Carole Noon, insisted that these chimpanzees be returned so they could be retired to the sanctuary. I was transported to Save the Chimps’ sanctuary in 2004 and was reunited with my mother, Gabby, though we did not recognize one another as mother and son.

When I was first rescued, I was an awkward and lanky pre-teen who had not spent much time with fellow chimpanzees. I have since grown into a confident and powerful alpha male. Though I am usually quite stoic, I do have a soft side that I show to my chimp family, and occasionally my caregivers. While I do not seem to recognize Gabby as my mother, we get along very well and are both high ranking and respected in our group. Gabby had another son named Gabe who was born at the sanctuary due to a failed vasectomy. Gabe and I may not know that we are brothers, but we are great friends and even have begun to look very much alike now that Gabe is a teenager! I love to eat but am quite a gentleman during mealtimes and never beg or steal food from my friends – in fact, I’m so polite I will sometimes share my food with others, especially with females. I always enjoy enrichment, especially if it involves food such as food puzzles or forages. I also love to be on my expansive island home and will even occasionally skip a meal just to keep napping in the sun. I absolutely relish sanctuary life!


  • Tanya

Favorite Things

  • Napping
  • Onions
  • Oatmeal


  • Laid-back
  • Stoic
  • Respected