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About Me

I was born to my parents, Tinker and Ridge, on September 30, 1999, in the Coulston Foundation. According to notes written by the staff at the Coulston Foundation, my life pretty much revolved around my mother in those early years. I was allowed to stay with Tinker to be raised in a family setting with “aunts” and other babies. When Save the Chimps took over the Coulston Foundation in September 2002, this peaceful existence would continue uninterrupted. We migrated to Florida in December 2009 where we were introduced to Lou’s family. As I have matured, I have started to expand my social circle. Although I don’t really have a best friend, I do enjoy playing with some of the boys, especially Braedon and Bam Bam. Because I am a tough young lady, I can hold my own when wrestling with the boys. I am especially fond of snuggling with large stuffed animals. Whenever one gets donated to the sanctuary, my caregivers are sure to set it aside for me. Sanctuary life has provided me with a beautiful island home where I am surrounded by love. Because I am young, much of my story is yet to be written. Between my natural confidence and nurturing environment of the sanctuary, I will have the opportunity to grow and develop into the fullest version of myself.


  • Lou

Favorite Things

  • Large Stuffed Animals
  • Wrestling
  • Fruits


  • Tough
  • Caring
  • Active