Hello, my name is





Rescued From

Small Zoo

About Me

I arrived to Save the Chimps in April 2023 after the Ohio Department of Agriculture awarded Save the Chimps custody. Upon arrival, I was the first to enter our new home and immediately ran the length of the play yard, then explored the upper level. April, Cash, Lucy, and I settled in quickly, embracing and grooming each other, as well as greeting sanctuary staff. We are offered a variety of enrichment items, and I have found that I enjoy bamboo toothbrushes and scarves. After a quarantine, which is standard for any new arrivals to Save the Chimps, we started the process of being integrated into Seve’s family. Each day we are spending time with friends and building relationships so that someday we can live with the full group and have full-time island access.


  • Seve

Favorite Things

  • Toothbrushes
  • Scarves
  • My Family


  • Kind
  • Brave