Hello, my name is
Andrea the 2nd





Rescued From


About Me

I was born September 30, 1990, to my mother Jody and father Tarzan at The Coulston Foundation biomedical research laboratory in Alamogordo, NM. My mom sadly didn’t know how to properly care for an infant, so I was taken and raised in the laboratory nursery. When I was about a year old, I was entered into a “measuring study” during which I was anesthetized and x-rayed on multiple occasions. When I was just shy of 3 years old, I was moved out of the nursery and into a laboratory cage. According to my records, I was never again used in an experimental protocol. I received periodic physicals, but I otherwise had a barren existence in a concrete and steel cell with a handful of other chimps. 

In September 2002, quite a lot changed for me! I was rescued by Save the Chimps, and I began to enjoy sanctuary life—fresh fruits & veggies, blankets, toys, and plenty of friends! I moved to a beautiful island at Save the Chimps in Florida, and for the first time, I set foot on grass, ran full speed, and experienced a world without bars. As a member of Doug’s family, I’ve embraced my new life and have become quite stubborn about coming indoors!  I am a sassy, spunky chimp who is loyal to my good friends Reba, Kippy, and Sandy. 


  • Doug

Favorite Things

  • Painting
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Hammocks


  • Sassy
  • Loyal
  • Poised