Hello, my name is
Andrea the 2nd





Rescued From


About Me

Hello! My name is Andrea the 2nd and I was born September 30, 1990. My mother and father, Jody and Tarzan, gave birth to me at The Coulston Foundation, a biomedical research laboratory in Alamogordo, NM. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t know how to properly care for an infant, so I was hand raised in the laboratory nursery. When I was about a year old, I was entered into a “measuring study” where I was anesthetized and x-rayed many times. Just before my 3rd birthday, I was moved out of the nursery and into a laboratory cage. According to records, I was never again used in an experimental protocol. I lived in a concrete and steel cell with a handful of other chimps, so life was nothing short of a barren existence. I did not know what it was like to play outside and make my own decisions.

However, In September 2002, quite a lot changed for me! I was rescued by Save the Chimps, and I began to experience sanctuary life. For the first time, I could have fresh fruits & veggies, blankets, toys, lots of space to roam, and plenty of friends! I moved to a beautiful island where I could set foot on grass, run full speed, and experience a world without bars. As a member of Doug’s family, I’ve embraced my new life where I have the choice in all of my actions, like being outside! I am a sassy, spunky chimp who loves to run, play and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. I am extremely loyal to my good friends Reba, Kippy, and Sandy and I am friendly to all newcomers into my amazing family on Doug’s island.


  • Doug

Favorite Things

  • Painting
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Hammocks


  • Sassy
  • Loyal
  • Poised