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I was purchased by the Coulston Foundation from an animal trader when I was approximately five years old. Not much is known about the first few years of my life, including who my parents are or my date of birth, though the year is estimated to be 1969. Once at the Coulston Foundation, I was placed on studies that involved weekly blood draws. At ten years old I was placed in the breeding program and over the next twenty years gave birth to at least eight children. Most of my babies were taken away immediately, though I was allowed to raise three of them for a few years. This was heartbreaking when they were taken away. It was noted that I was one of the “best mothers” and that “I raised big, strong, and healthy babies with strong survival skills.”

These days after being rescued by Save the Chimps, I live in sunny Florida with access to a huge grass-covered island. I spend the majority of my time with my best friend, Sally, who is also elderly. My family includes several rambunctious young males who keep things interesting, but we old ladies don’t let anyone push us around. I am loyal to my chimp friends but slow to warm up to my human caregivers. Once someone gains my trust, I show my sweet, gentle side. With my lab days behind me, I am enjoying retirement surrounded by love and happiness.


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Favorite Things

  • Sally
  • My Island
  • Retirement


  • Quiet
  • Strong
  • Devoted

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Alison Enjoying Kong Enrichment