Chimpo de mayo email graphic

Sponsor a “Chimpo de Mayo” Party!

 It should come as no surprise that beautiful Mona is our featured resident in launching our new Sponsor-a-Party campaign. She’s ready to celebrate Chimpo de Mayo, the newest holiday at Save the Chimps!

Join in the fun by sponsoring one or more of the many parties for each of the resident families at the Sanctuary.

Save the Chimps tries to provide variety in the lives of our chimpanzees by offering them many forms of enrichment to help them stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Painting, foraging, and even parties, are just some of the ways we do so. Learn more »

Save the Chimps does not dress or clothe chimpanzees for photography or other purposes. We do provide hats, tshirts, sunglasses, and other articles of clothing for the chimpanzees to play or nest with. Some of our chimps have grown up wearing these items and may choose to put them on themselves; other chimps may have simply learned to wear hats, sunglasses, or clothing just by observing humans. It’s up to the chimpanzees to decide what to do with these objects—they have the freedom to play with them as they wish!