Celebrate this Chimpentine’s Day by surprising your sweetheart with an extra special gift.

The Sweetest Thing – $150:  All you need is chimpanzee love! Gift your sweetheart a virtual trip to Save the Chimps. Join Dr. Andrew Halloran, Director of Chimpanzee Behavior & Care, and Jaime Bronstein, the Relationship Expert, in a virtual Q&A on February 19th* to discuss chimpanzees and how they show love, their relationships and more. You’ll also enjoy a private live stream from the islands to see what the chimps are up to! Only 2 of 14 spots available. *Date subject to change.

“Piñata” Your Name on It – $75: Put any name on a piñata to be included as an enrichment activity at our Chimpentine party. Choose your sweetheart’s name or put an ex’s name – and have their “heart” broken just like they broke yours! Watch for the link to photos in your Thank You email! Limited quantities available.

Gift a Symbolic Rose – $25: Show your love by gifting a symbolic rose to our chimpanzees! Donors will be given ecard options in the thank you email.

On behalf of the nearly 240 chimpanzees in our care, thank you for your compassion and generosity.