Liza and September were meeting each other for the first time, with their caregivers and Dr. Bezner, observing. Introductions are always performed in chimp buildings which are composed of interconnected cages.When the doors were opened between them, Liza and September said a brief hello, but then September left the room.  She found an empty water bottle, and brought it over to Dr. Bezner, pointing at the hose. Clearly, September wanted Dr. Bezner to fill up the bottle for her (even though she could have done it herself with her water ‘lixit’!)  Dr. Bezner said to September, “I’ll fill up your water bottle if you go say hello to Liza again first.”  September turned and approached Liza, patted Liza gently on the head, and returned to Dr. Bezner with water bottle in hand.

The message was clear:  “OK, I fulfilled my end of the bargain!”



Liza September


 “Chimpanzees, they are amazing people.”
Dr. Carole Noon, 1949-2009