In any given day there is a lot to talk about at Save the Chimps! Here is what care staff are saying about our beloved residents this month.

September 8, 2021

Lisa Marie loves playing with stickers and strategically placed this “cute” sticker on her own face.

As if anyone didn’t know notice how cute you are, Lisa Marie.¬†






August 31, 2021

Caregiver, Skye C, took this photo of Walden out on the island’s enrichment platform. Walden used to choose to stay inside so seeing him care free on an island platform is still a sight that brings us great joy.







August 9, 2021

We don’t have direct contact with our residents for our safety and theirs, but we do have “tickle sticks,” which are pieces of rubber hose to interact with each other. Timmy loves when staff stops by and lets him groom them with the tickle stick. When caregiver, Christine, stopped by, he didn’t see any reason to put down his cup of pistachios-tickle stick in one hand, pistachios in the other!




August 5, 2021

During mealtimes all of our residents need to be accounted for. Most of the residents will come in at mealtime, but if they choose not to, care staff needs to spot those who stay out to make sure they are accounted for and healthy. The island platforms were designed without blind spots for this very reason. When Debbie, an elderly female in Tanya’s family could not be found, Caregiver, Tessa, called staff to come help her search the island from across the moats. Armed with binoculars and calling her name, more care staff joined in the search. Debbie’s advanced age of 52, undoubtedly made the search a little more worrisome. Even Debbie’s chimp-friend, Rebecca, appeared to be looking for Debbie on the island. The search concluded when Debbie climbed down from high atop an oak tree. Debbie has the freedom to choose how to spend her days and she simply chose to rest in an oak tree instead of venture inside for lunch. All were relieved and Debbie may have wondered what all the commotion was about.

Photo of Debbie after she came down from her tree by caregiver, Jenny.



August 3, 2021

Caregiver, Elizabeth, took this great photo of Lisa Marie enjoying her corn on the cob. Our residents receive a nutritious diet of fresh produce with three meals daily plus a variety of enrichment. Lisa Marie seems to love corn on the cob, she has even been spotted eating one in each hand!






August 2, 2021

Caregiver, Ailen, captured this photo of Alice’s family going out onto their island after it was freshly mowed by the maintenance department. The maintenance team works tirelessly, making the 150-acre sanctuary a beautiful and safe environment for our staff and chimpanzee residents!