Save the Chimps was recently honored to have as our guests three champions of ocean wildlife.  Sea Shepherd representatives Steve Roest, Laurens de Groot, and Grace Ko graciously took time out of their busy schedules during a recent trip to Florida to visit Save the Chimps and learn more about the plight of chimpanzees.  They were immediately charmed by Bam Bam, Arthur, Marlon, and Dylan, and saddened to learn what the chimps have endured in biomedical research, entertainment, and the pet trade.  It was a pleasure to meet these compassionate defenders of whales, dolphins, sharks, tuna, and other marine species.

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Sea Shepherd European Director Laurens de Groot, Los Angeles Director Grace Ko, STC Sanctuary Director Jen Feuerstein, and
Sea Shepherd CEO Steve Roest.
STC Sanctuary Director Jen Feuerstein introduces Sea Shepherd CEO Steve Roest to Alice’s Group.