On February 16, 2010, Bobby along with 9 other chimps will be making their journey home to Fort Pierce, Florida. This migration will complete the relocation of “Bobby’s Group” which the first of 3 trips started in December 2009.

Everyone at STC is especially excited about this migration because our beloved Bobby will be coming home. Bobby, along with many other members of his family have special needs. Sadly, he has spent most of his life self-mutilating his own arm due to private pain and suffering we can only guess at. Once forced to live alone, he now knows the love and understanding of his chimpanzee and human friends. Knowing that in just a few days, he will roam on an island under the open blue sky fills our hearts with joy.

This migration was made possible thanks to the generosity and compassion of Karen and Don Young. This is the third migration that the Young’s have sponsored. Thirty chimps are now living in Florida because of their devotion to making a difference.

“It is about sacrifice and giving to a belief and a passion and not buying material things. It is our hope that more people will be inspired to do the same thing” said Karen Young.

Karen is a devoted advocate for chimpanzees and the author of a newly published and heartwarming children’s book named “Hoot! A Chimpanzees Tale”. Click here to order yours today.

Save the Chimps needs your support to care for our 276 chimpanzees.

Please consider adopting Bobby or any of the other chimps available for adoptionsponsoring meals for them or sponsoring a chimp’s migration to Florida.

Stay tuned for next week’s e-blast, with updates and photos on who made the trip and how they’re enjoying their new home!

All donations will be generously matched by the Arcus Foundation through April 30, 2010.

On behalf of everyone at STC, chimpanzees especially, thank you for your support!