Dr. Bezner & Angie Heath

Angie Heath has done many interesting things in her life. She has been a sailor, a veterinary assistant, a zoo keeper and a world traveler, helping in animal conservation both in the states and abroad. When she and her husband John returned to Virginia  after living in Nanyuki, Kenya for two years, she felt restless. Her love of chimpanzees brought her to Save the Chimps. 

Our veterinarians invited Angie to volunteer with the veterinary department because of her extensive animal background and high recommendations. She has been such a chimp champ this past year. She has been invaluable to the veterinary staff, the caregivers and kitchen staff, helping wherever she is needed this past year. And best of all, the chimps adore her!
From all the chimps and those who help care for them, we send a big pant hoot to her. We are happy to hear she will be back!
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