Save the Chimps Primatologist Launches Book to Packed Florida Crowd

Dr. Andrew Halloran’s Song of the Ape offers fascinating insight into chimp language and communication with gripping anecdotes from throughout his career. To launch the 10th anniversary edition—which includes a new final chapter set at Save the Chimps—Dr. Halloran signed copies for a packed crowd at Vero Beach Book Center.

In Song of the Ape, Dr. Halloran traces the histories of five chimpanzees and the living lexicon they pass down through generations from specific groups in the wild. What is natural is more fascinating than anything artificially forced on apes in human language labs. Song of the Ape is a lively, engaging, and personal account, with many moments of humor as well as the occasional heartbreak, and it will appeal to anyone who wants to listen in as our closest relatives in the animal world converse. Fildena 100 mg

With a PhD in chimpanzee communication and behavior, Dr. Halloran utilizes his expertise for the welfare of each resident at Save the Chimps, and develops individual care plans to ensure that every resident can thrive at the sanctuary.

Dr. Halloran’s fascinating insights into chimpanzee communication show why he is so well respected at the sanctuary by chimps and humans alike.” -Alan Cumming, actor, writer, Save the Chimps Advisory Council

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