Ana Paula Tavares

Ana Paula Tavares brings vision and expertise to Save the Chimps, with more than 30 years of nonprofit and conservation experience. She has articulated the chimps’ needs and the sanctuary’s mission to millions through interviews with CNN, The Washington Post, ABC News, and NPR. Before joining Save the Chimps, Ana Paula served as Executive Director of Audubon New York and Connecticut, where she oversaw six nature centers. Prior to Audubon, she spent 18 years at the Rainforest Alliance, championing its conservation efforts and developing strategic partnerships.

Growing up near the coastal forests of Brazil, Ana Paula has always been passionate about wildlife and natural habitats. She explored the jungles of Mexico, Asia, and eventually Africa, where she learned about the plight of great apes through the work of Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall (who serves on Save the Chimps’ Advisory Council). At the sanctuary, Ana Paula relishes the bonds she has made with staff through their shared dedication, and with the chimps through their soulful eye contact.

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