In an unparalleled act of generosity, Karen and Don Young are the first supporters to sponsor an entire migration of chimpanzees from New Mexico to Florida. Save the Chimps’ custom trailer, comfortably carrying nine chimps, left Alamogordo, New Mexico on Wednesday, November 5th and should arrive at Save the Chimps’ state-of-the-art Florida sanctuary the morning of Friday, November 7th. Relocating a group of chimpanzees can be complicated and like any complex operation plans sometimes change quickly. Save the Chimps decided that Lily, the tenth chimp sponsored by the Youngs, should not be separated from her closest friends and group members. So, she along with her group will remain in New Mexico and make the next migration together.

The Youngs are retired and live in Montclair, New Jersey. Animals have always been central to family life for them and their children. Their house has been filled with everything from hermit crabs and ant farms to rabbits, birds, cats and dogs. The Youngs now support many animal groups including animal shelters in Manhattan, Montclair and the Grand Cayman Islands.

Save the Chimps’ Director of Development, Triana Romero, explains the magnitude of the Youngs’ gift: “What the Youngs have done is beyond words. Ten amazing chimpanzees will live the rest of their lives in comfort and peace because of Karen and Don’s generosity. No one has ever sponsored an entire migration before, no one, ever. They are not just generous; it is beyond that, they are heroic!”

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It was through their son, Ryan, that the Youngs were introduced to the plight of chimpanzees in the United States. After generously supporting the New England Anti-Vivisection Society’s Project R & R, Karen and Don wanted to further focus their time and money to helping chimpanzees who are in sanctuaries or who are trying to reach one. At that time, they contacted Save the Chimps.

In addition to advocacy work with chimpanzees, Don is publishing a book, You Can Do It! An Easy Step by Step Guide to Financial Security. Karen is publishing an educational and advocacy book on chimpanzees for children, ages 4 to 9, entitled A Chimpanzee Tale, A Tale Told by Hoot the Chimpanzee.