With the present day affected by CoVID-19 and the future uncertain, we know many of you are facing difficult and uncertain times. For those who want to participate in the board match, but can’t because of current circumstances, we’ve created a pledge page that allows you to sign up for a donation amount of your choice, while delaying your donation until World Chimpanzee Day on July 14th. We hope this provides you with time to plan while still showing your unending support for our wonderful sanctuary — and your gift will still be matched!

In fact, all pledges made by Friday, May 15th will be included and matched by our Board of Directors. That means your pledge will count now and help us reach our $210,000 goal!

With just two days remaining and less than $15,000 needed to reach our goal, won’t you please give now or make your pledge now. If—and only if—we can raise the $210,000 and match those dollars with the funds from our Board, we’ll have raised $420,000 that we can use to provide daily care for our resident chimpanzees.