A Day We Will Never Forget

On October 26, 2010, the St. Lucie Board of County Commissioners paid tribute to the late Dr. Carole Noon by approving Save the Chimps’ petition to rename a road after Dr. Noon.  The Commission took the time to air our newly completed video of Save the Chimps, narrated by Angelica Huston, as well as present the street sign to Save the Chimps.  As Save the Chimps’ staff, volunteers, and vendors approach the sanctuary, they now turn down “Carole Noon Lane,” a daily reminder of the drive, spirit, and accomplishments of our beloved founder.



Group_resizedSave the Chimps thanks the St. Lucie County Commissioners for honoring Dr. Noon and for their continued support of Save the Chimps. 

To view the presentation, click here and select “Save the Chimps Video and Street Sign Presentation” on the agenda.



“All they need from us is a chance. If we meet them halfway, just give them space and freedom, then they recover on their own.”
~Dr. Carole Noon, 1949-2009

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