Feature imageI have exciting news I want to share with you today! Save the Chimps is now home to 256 rescued chimpanzees!

We have recently welcomed another chimp to our sanctuary. Her name is Iris. She is 32 years old. And we are honored to have her with us!

I want to thank YOU for helping us welcome Iris when she needed us most. Thanks to your generosity, Save the Chimps can be counted on when a chimpanzee needs to be rescued.

In fact, we have rescued 319 chimps since we began our mission. Some were in labs, some were in roadside zoos, and some had been neglected, abused or traumatized for years.

Iris is still getting used to her new surroundings at Save the Chimps. It’s likely been years since she has seen another chimpanzee! But she has already made new friends and is feeling at home here.

In fact, that’s a huge part of what we do. A rescue isn’t an end, but a beginning! From the move, to the assessments, to health care, to providing a lifetime of food and support, it takes a lot to bring a new chimp here…

Your generous donations help make everything we do possible – especially when we have to rescue chimps, sometimes in emergency situations! So thank you for all your friendship and support. You have helped give Iris a new life!


Molly Polidoroff Molly Polidoroff 

Executive Director

P.S. I will be sharing more photos of Iris so that you can share in her joy as she settles into her new home at Save the Chimps!