My name is Rebecca St. George, a Care Technician here at Save the Chimps. When Allie came to us, she was a former pet who had little experience being around other chimpanzees. Her former owners loved her very much, but came to realize Allie deserved a more natural environment.

Initially, Allie would retreat if another chimp started displaying, which generally means causing a commotion to establish social hierarchy. She’d focus her attention on humans instead. Soon after, we integrated her into Tanya’s family, where she was introduced to Worthy (the alpha) and Spike (a high-ranking male), who took Allie under their wing and offered her the guidance she’d need to hone her social skills.


Over time, I’ve seen Allie blossom socially, all while exhibiting more and more natural behaviors. Now that she’s fully integrated, she spends her days enjoying her island home, often choosing to make nests outdoors under the stars. What’s more, she’s developed a close friendship with Salina, a high-ranking female in the group. 

Watching the two meet for the first time was so exciting because they bonded immediately—hugging, following one another around, and eating and playing together. That’s when I realized Allie had overcome all the hurdles and would truly thrive at Save the Chimps.

She’s still a silly girl who enjoys giant stuffed animals, sprinklers, and a good game of chase. It really has been one of the most rewarding moments in my career watching her grow.



Rebecca St. George
Care Technician II
Save the Chimps




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