Save the Chimps gets spruced up just in time for Member Day thanks to Walmart volunteers
Walmart volunteers (19)
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It takes a village to care for a child, and the same can be said about a chimpanzee residing at Save the Chimps (STC). The world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary, located in Fort Pierce, is home to nearly 300 chimpanzees that have been rescued from research laboratories, entertainment and the pet trade.Caring for the chimpanzees is an undertaking that requires a full staff of nearly 60 employees, two veterinarians and countless devoted volunteers who support the sanctuary in many ways. Save the Chimps’ most recent expression of that generosity is the addition of 50 volunteers from Walmart’s Ft. Pierce Distribution Center #7038, the transportation division and local stores.STC was selected to be the recipient of Walmart’s  “Making Life Better” Day where the company’s associates have chosen to spend their day off painting four of the chimpanzee buildings. The effort helped spruce up the sanctuary in advance of STC’s Member Day on September 15 when more than 300 members toured the sanctuary, which is closed to the public.

Walmart volunteers (6)(1) Walmart volunteers (9) Walmart volunteers (5)

“We first became aware of Save the Chimps from one of our managers, Robbie Crandall, who volunteers at the sanctuary,” explained Jennie Shalala-Hartman, Asset Protection Manager of Walmart’s Ft. Pierce Distribution Center. Shalala-Hartman has spearheaded the volunteer effort, securing the participation of her fellow employees and collecting supplies donated from four area stores,  Walmart’s transportation division and the local distribution center.

“Since then, we’ve developed a great partnership and will continue to do what we can to provide these amazing beings with a peaceful retirement,” said Shalala-Hartman.

Their team goal was to reach a total of 250 volunteer hours. They achieved that goal and STC will receive a $5,000 “Volunteerism Always Pays” grant from Walmart. The program recognizes company associates’ work in the community.


Together they DID IT!!!!
Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication!!!!


Not only did they spruce things up, but their work was a great help to our maintenance department whose work never seems to end.

Our wonderful maintenance team plays a vital role for Save the Chimps by keeping everything safe and in perfect working order both for chimps and humans.


Maintenance Supervisor Cliff Peterson has put together a list of the
top 5 Wish List items needed:  

  1. Stihl FS-110 Weedeater (Stihl stands the test!)
  2. Blowers – two would be perfect!
  3. Push mower
  4. Cordless drills
  5. And of course, we can always use Walmart and Home Depot gift cards.

Some of these items have been added to our Amazon wish list which makes donating easy with the items being shipped directly to us.


A big pant-hoot thank you from the
Maintenance Team!