What is Great Apes Giving Day?

Great Apes Giving Day

A day dedicated to raising awareness and individual giving in
support of great apes in sanctuaries.

Join us for 24 hours on Wednesday, October 14

In addition to your donations, Save the Chimps has the opportunity
to win cash prizes funded by event sponsors in the following categories:
Most money raised
Most individual donors
Each hour a random gift will be matched with a $100 award.

Starting this week, you can make a donation to Save the Chimps to count towards this campaign!

Help even further by creating a fundraising page
to share with your friends in support of this campaign. Just click on the box in the lower right side of the fundraising page to create your own page in support of Save the Chimps.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 14, 2015
WHERE: arcus.link/stc
GOAL: $16,000
The cost to provide one year of complete care for one of our beloved chimpanzees

If you are with a school group or community organization,
or you would like to volunteer to help raise funds for Save the Chimps,
please contact us at

Learn more and follow our success on the big day at greatapesgivingday.org