We’re almost there—and we only have ONE more week to reach our goal!


Since we announced the $250,000 challenge made by our generous Board of Directors, we’ve received and doubled many donations from caring friends like you, but we haven’t reached our goal. We need to raise $xxx this week to reach our goal before time runs out.

Which is why for today only, our Board Match Challenge just got even better—all gifts will be tripled!

Please make your gift now to provide three times the support for more than 200 retired chimpanzees at Save the Chimps… including our elderly, and most vulnerable, chimpanzees like Emily the 1st.

Emily the 1st b & wAt 56 years old, Emily is estimated to be the oldest chimpanzee at Save the Chimps. In her more than five decades she has seen a lot, including being kidnapped from Africa, being used as a breeder, and subjected to research studies while in captivity in laboratories. She was among the first chimpanzees rescued by Save the Chimps, from the Air Force in 2001. Emily has overcome so much and is a loving and family-oriented member of Doug’s family.

The strong bond she has with her family is a beautiful thing to see and is an honor and a privilege to witness. She is able to live the dignified retirement she deserves, thanks to the compassion and generosity of our dedicated supporters.

Please make your gift now during our Board Match Challenge. For today only, your gift will be matched and tripled for three times the impact.

We’ve made a promise to our chimpanzee residents, and every donation you send helps care for them during the rest of their lives. Please don’t miss the chance to have your life-changing gift TRIPLED. When you give today your generous donation to Save the Chimps will be matched with $2 for every $1 you send, for three times the impact! Give now. Thank you!


Dr. Andrew Halloran
Director of Chimpanzee Care and Behavior

PS You have only one day to have your gift tripled. Won’t you please give now?