We are excited to announce that the 2017 Save the Chimps calendar is here! It’s full of colorful photos of the beautiful, intelligent chimpanzees who call Save the Chimps home.


Your loyalty touches the lives of our chimpanzee residents throughout the year, and we hope this  calendar reminds you of that every day.calendar


When a new chimpanzee joins our family, we make a lifetime promise. We promise to provide the chimps with all that they need to thrive, including fresh and nutritious meals, exceptional veterinary care, innovative enrichment, and the social companionship necessary for them to live happy and full lives. Your commitment and support makes all that possible.

As you turn the pages of your new calendar, you’ll enjoy all the photos of our beloved residents, and it will be hard to pick a favorite!

We rely on the compassion of friends like you to provide for all of our residents, and to continue to provide sanctuary to more chimps in need. 100% of our funding comes from individual donations. Please consider sending a donation today to receive your 2017 Save the Chimps calendar.

I hope our calendar will make you smile and remind you just how important your support is to the wonderful chimpanzees featured on each page.  Thank you for making our work possible.