Big Pant Hoot to Farmer Jay Organics and our friends at Blindfold Magazine!!






Thanks to the the tireless efforts and dedication of Farmer Jay, Save the Chimps is now graced with 280 banana tress planted on property. Jay was introduced to Save the Chimps months ago thanks to one of our volunteers. He immediately offered to help us and was inspired to plant banana trees…for obvious reasons. After months of planning and asking for support, Jay managed to find some very generous people who were also willing to help in a a variety of ways to make this possible…supplies for irrigation, trees for planting, and bodies to do the work! Now thanks to his determination, the sanctuary is home to 280 banana trees and our garden is home to lettuce and other greens.
Farmer Jay is a sustainable farmer/gardener, teacher, and writer for Blindfold magazine. Be sure to pick up a copy of Blindfold’s recent issue to read this months article about Save the Chimps and this great project.


Thank you Jay and everyone else who made this possible!!