Nest making for chimpanzees is a natural behavior. Wild chimpanzees will twist branches and leaves into beautifully intricate tree top nests next to their family members each night. The adults will pass their knowledge of nest building on to the juveniles, and after some practice, they too can build cozy treetop nests. Our residents are provided with all the things they need to create expansive nests. Each bedroom is stocked with all the ingredients for a big cozy nest. The floors are all covered in a thick coating of soft and fluffy hay or wood wool, while their benches are draped with an ample amount of soft cozy fleece blankets. We also provide them with novel materials they can incorporate into their nest such as – rolled and shredded paper, varying types of fresh cut browse, stuffed animals, and more.

Your gift today can help us provide daily nesting materials for our residents. 

Whether you sponsor a one-day supply for one of our chimpanzee families or a week’s supply for the entire sanctuary, you are ensuring that our residents have the comfortable and dignified retirement they deserve – thank you.